Class: CADET

Engine Type: OTTO / 2 Stroke Monocylinder

Bore: 41.80 (41.97 max.)

Stroke: 43.30mm

Displacement: 59.42cc (60cc max.)

Max. Power: 5.5Hp at 10,000 rpm (restricted)

Max. Torque: 4.0 Nm at 10,000 rpm

Inlet System: Piston

Lubrication: Fuel/ Oil Mixture 3%

Ignition: Analogical

Starting: Pull Start

Clutch: 3 Mass Centrifugal Dry

Max. Clutch engagement: 4,000 rpm



Download IAME Gazelle 2014 Class Regulations (PDF) 

Download IAME Gazelle Homologation Papers (PDF)

Download IAME Gazelle 2014 Fiche Amendments (PDF)


All Engines come complete with

  • Centrifugal Clutch Assembly with Z11 Fixed Sprocket (also Z10 available)
  • TILLOTSON HL 394A (16mm) Carburettor-Fixed Jets
  • Miniswift Exhaust Muffler with Integrated Silencer
  • Miniswift Air Box
  • Analogical Ignition with H.T Coil
  • Pull Start
  • Kill Switch
  • NGK BR10EG Spark Plug and Cap