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Gazelle Changes 21

Following the final approval from Motorsport UK, we are able to confirm the changes to the IAME Cadet class.

For 2021 the IAME Cadet class will see two major changes, the first since the class was introduced in 2013. Both measures have been introduced to improve the usability of the engine package.

The updates are as follows:-


This will be a new design coming from the HW series carburettor. It has been designed and developed in conjunction with our technical partners Tillotson. The HW is an evolution of the HL that has seen great success after being introduced for the X30 class back in 2015. A variation of the design has also helped to win World karting titles. 

The carburettor designated for the IAME class is the HW-47. Manufactured using an improved casting and machining process to give greater accuracy and features like the adjustable high and low speed jets, allowing the optimum setting to be identified with ease, are both benefits of this new carburettor and inherent in the HW series.  Specifically designed for this model, it features a 15mm Venturi and external pulse connection while the diaphragm kit is the same used in the X30 classes.

Exhaust Restrictor 

Following a design concept first made for the KF engines, this has passed down to the 60cc Gazelle engine. It features a one piece CNC machined exhaust manifold, the manufacturing process allows for more efficient gas flow which not only help in performance but also has been seen to equalise engines.   A 16mm restrictor will be used in 2021 which gives a decrease in the lap time of approx 0.6 seconds with an increase of 1 hp.

The introduction of both new parts will help equal out current equipment, seeing the replacement of the current HL 394 which has become arduous for many in the class, especially novices, over the past few years. 


The new parts will be mandatory at all Motorsport UK race meetings from1st March 2021.  The parts will be available for sale from 5th February 2021.  Please send you order request to  


Thanks to the support given from Tillotson, IAME S.P.A and John Mills Engineering, there will be a heavily subsidised introductory price for all components using a phased approach. 

  • HW-47 carburettor and exhaust restrictor kit, including the new thermal spacer and mounting studs and necessary gaskets:

  *Subsidised cost £99 + vat  (this will be limited to 2 kits per competitor, valid until 30th April 2021)

  • Exhaust restrictor only:
    *Subsidised cost £39 + vat (valid until 30th April 2021)
  • Please note these prices apply only to Motorsport UK licence holders and a copy of a 2021 licence will be required to be presented prior to purchasing..

The costs after this date will be:

  • HW 47 Carburettor £99 + vat  [RRP £189 + vat]
  • Exhaust restrictor £55 + vat  [RRP £80 + vat]

These prices will be fixed until the end of 2021 


Komet Price Change

We wish to inform you, that due to an increase in shipping cost we have unfortunately had to make the decision to increase the price of the komet/MG tyres. This is effective form the 31st March 2019. The new prices are as follows:


K1H (X30 slick) £128.50 per set 

K1W (X30 wet) £138.00 per set 

K1M (slick) £139.00 per set 

K1D-M (cadet slick) £117.00 per set 

K1D-W Cadet wet) £136.00 per set 


HZI (X30 euro slick) £136.00 per set 

WT (X30 euro wet) £147.00 per set 

All prices are subject to VAT


Junior X30 to fall in line with Euro regulations for exhaust restriction

Following many open discussion with the MSA and listening to the request form the competitors, we can now confirm that from January 1st 2019 the Junior X30 class will use the 22.7mm exhaust restrictor. This will be the same size used across Europe.

UK IAME importer James Mills commented “This is a really positive move for the X30 junior class in the UK which allow us to bring parity with the rest of the Europe. This has given us a small upgrade in lap time, of around 0.4sec but we are able achieve total alignment with our European neighbours”.  “For several year we have seen the UK drivers have success in the IAME international event, I hope this will make us even stronger”

“Its also great to see the MSA focussing on whats not only good for the sport, but for the customers. With the MSA new vision being very direct and clear i’m sure it can only be good for the sport in the UK”.

The new exhaust system will be available by mid November 2018 from your local IAME retailer 





The 2019 LGM race calendar has now been finalised. With a new tracks added to the series it will see the LGM championship visited Little Rissington and with Wigan now back on the calendar in nearly 10 years it set to be a new fresh feel.

Championship organiser Mike Mills said It’s been a frantic few weeks with the changes to the MSA British championships,  but after closely working with the newly formed Karting Operations we have been able to deliver a calendar that compliments all of the scheduled IAME races in the UK and Europe. We are also working to bring some new features to the championship so keep watching this space for up dates.

Entries are now open. Download the form from



In 2019 the IAME Euro Series will change from the Komet tires to the Homologated version which is the MG Tires. MG are the manufacturing company of the Komet tires. The decision to change to the homologated version of the tire is to be more inline with the CIK-FIA regulations which make it mandatory as from 2019 to use homologated tires at any International events. To ensure the best possible consistency of the tires which is the main target for RGMMC, MG will ship dedicated containers of tires for the use of the IAME Euro Series.


We will have the tyres available from stock by the end of this year


Nominated Fuel Station Rd 8 PFI

IMPORTANT– Information for all competitors. Round 8 of the LGM series at PFI will be using a nominated petrol station the details are as follows:-
A1 South Bound (Access is also possible from the north bound side)
Toll Bar Road
NG32 2JP,

approx 5 miles from the circuit,-0.695041,3a,75y,105.11h,90t/data=!3m4!1e1!3m2!1sfYNSklbPzYd74JP_cGWunw!2e0?hl=en-us

The only petrol permitted for this round is 95 Ron unle